Yale Taekwondo practices at Yale University's Payne Whitney Gymnasium. We practice multiple times a week, offering both weekday and weekend times to accommodate for team members' schedules.



TUE: 6:15-7:45Pm @ pwg 5k

Thu: 6:15-7:45Pm @ pwg 5k

sat: 2-3:30PM @ pwg 5H


At Yale Taekwondo, we practice World-Taekwondo style Taekwondo. Color belts learn Taegeuk Forms 1 through 8. Black belts learn Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, and Sipjin.


self defense


Club members receive exposure to self-defense skills through World Champion Taekwondo's self defense curriculum for color belts and black belts.


Kicking is a crucial component of Taekwondo and is also the primary way that beginners are introduced to Taekwondo here at Yale. After learning proper kicking technique, we learn advanced kicks and combinations. Recently, the club has been learning demonstration-style kicks such as the triple front kick.

Sparring is the aspect of Taekwondo seen in the Olympics and is many our members' favorite part of the sport. We first begin with getting used to wearing the chest gear (hogu) and practice controlled kicking through partner drills. We then move onto no-contact and light-contact sparring matches. Those who are competing in sparring train additionally with World Champion Taekwondo.